Monday, June 17, 2019

The Second- First Step

( Yes Roz I chose a meme with the word Journey in it...guess I'm softening in my old age)

In my experience the first step isn't actually the scariest.  Taking the first step AGAIN after the first time didn't work out is far scarier.  Nothing could be more true with ttwd.  Obviously there are there are stumbles in any relationship but those proverbial mole hills can become mountains quite quickly in a dynamic where vulnerability is paramount, unfamiliar  emotions flow easily and needs are highlighted.

It is with this in mind that I decide to share a blog link with you.  Penelope used to have a blog and then didn't. Like so many, things didn't work out as expected or hoped the first time around.  Bravely they are both taking another stab at ttwd.

Taking that first step again is so much more difficult.  The original first step might be terrifying, but the expectations weren't there like they are with the second first step.  The first time around there is a  newbie hope that sometimes gets overshadowed with doubt and fear the second time.  Totally understandable.  I know I have felt jaded over the years and we haven't really ever called off ttwd- 'merely' struggled at times.

I hope you will stop by,read from the beginning ( there are only a handful of short posts) and offer her and her husband words of support. Personally this is why I have stayed in blogland for 7 years- to support to others like I was once supported.

Sometimes the support we receive is the hope we need to keep trying.

Penelope's Blog Link

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

An Evening With An Ape

Years ago I met a man and his wife via a chatroom and forum.  Little did I know back then they'd become so important to me and invaluable throughout our dynamic.  For those who have been reading here since the start you know him by name, though I suppose I haven't mentioned Gorilla in years.

Realistically he's more like this photo:

Anyway I am mentioning this because Sunday night at 8:30 pm he will be hosting a Chat in The ADDS ( A Domestic Discipline Society) chat room.  The topic will be Control.  Gorilla and his wife Cassy have a TPE.  For those who aren't familiar, that stands for Total Power Exchange.  The topic will not be a lecture ( much...he is a tad but a question, shared opinion and ideas type conversation.  One thing that is for sure, he is always entertaining.

Here is a link to a post I wrote 5 years ago, a few weeks before meeting Gorilla actually, concerning  Convenient Control in our dynamic at the time.   A lot has changed since then..

Convenient Control

The post directly after that one discusses Gorilla in the mist  our lives. LOL

I don't think I have ever promoted anything (other than Blondie's Paddles) here on my blog.  I am more of a live and let live type blogger. Discover what you will, but what the heck?  I think Steve (Gorilla) has a lot to offer with his questions ( because we discussed them...might have a few willie twists in there...don't let on ) and I love interesting discussions.  The more people, the more variety the more chances we have to have a great discussion.

 I hope  some will stop by even if you are curious to read along.  There is a bit of a process to sign in to joining the chat room but it isn't really more than entering an email.

Here is the Link

(the password is ddcommunity)

Hope to see you there.

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