Friday, April 14, 2017

Where did I go? And an interesting find

Hi all, first off I suppose I should inform anyone who uses this blog to find out if I have posted on my private blog that I have taken Barney Married Wilma down.  As much as I enjoyed blogging, I think it is time for me to leave that behind me now.  I *may* write here from time to time or who knows. I *may* reopen it some day, but I just wanted you to know if you received an 'access denied' message it isn't YOU...LOL

( I should add there is absolutely nothing wrong concerning our D/s relationship.  Things are forever changing here, which of course is challenging, but good! I always said to myself that I wanted my posts to have meaning beyond recapping physical things that happen in our daily life- no judgement on those who choose to share their stories, it is just not how my blog was structured).

Anyway this blog post entered my inbox recently, and it describes not only my life, but many out there.  I think it is an interesting read, a good reminder for those 'off track' and possibly a little insight for those starting out.  I found myself nodding my head in agreement through out. I particularly love how she explained non-physical punishments.  To be honest they have the greatest effect on me in the long run.  Spanking can bring us closer, but it is all the other things in between that truly aid in cultivating my submission.

⇘                                                                                                                                   ⇙



  1. Here I am, coming back to blog and you are not doing your blog? I have missed you

    1. What can I say? You took too long? LOL

    2. Noooooo................ please no, don't leave

  2. @Pearl I am soooooooooooo Sorry I deleted your comment and it was so sweet- made my morning actually!!!

    Thank you, I feel the same way concerning you!


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