Monday, May 8, 2017

I Need...(Looking Back and Still the Same)

Every once in a while I go back and read what I wrote and where I was a year, two years, three, four years ago in our adventure; when I wrote on my Barney Married Wilma public blog.  I remember the day I sat down to write this post.  It basically flew from my heart to my keyboard.  

It must have resonated with many at the time as I had over 30 comments when originally posted.  My life has changed greatly since I originally posted this;(for one thing most of the original commenters have moved on from blogland! LOL) but my needs have remained the same throughout.  I am thankful that my husband/Dom/Hoh<-yeah still hate that one, has a deeper understanding of these needs.  His execution of how to establish an environment in which these needs are not only met but felt they are met by me have changed significantly( and effectively so) from our humble  beginnings with Dd.

I mentioned how many comments I received the first time around with this post because this is the reason I decided to share again. For some reason I was drawn to reading this today.  I reread the comments of women who were going to share this with their husbands in the hope that they too would understand the need we shared. This blog has very few readers, yet the urge to share this today was strong, I figured it must be for SOME reason.  LOL 

There were many times over the years I feared my needs were not or would never be understood. And though we still stumble in MAGNIFICENT form at times,  I can attest to the value of holding on to your vision of yourself and your dynamic and becoming who you long to be in a relationship you need it to be.

I NEED~ originally posted May 2, 2013 

I need to find my words
I need to turn to you
I need to know that you are there
I need to know you are strong
I need you to find me when I start to wander
I need you not to wait until it is too late, and then start the search

  • I need you to make me come to you
  • I need you to not to take no for an answer
  • I need you to tell and not ask
  • I need you to make me tell you what is wrong- to out stubborn me
  • I need you not to run when I choose to
  • I need for you to tell me, when I place myself over your lap to let go
  • I need you to tell me how you are in control not me
  • I need you to show me you are in control, not me
  • I need you to be 'strong' when I make myself vulnerable to you
  • I need you to act, not only react
  • I need to feel important ( I know I am)
  • I need, and so desire to feel safe, and at home in your arms
  • I need these things to keep the control monster at bay
  • I need these things because when I feel I am 'going it alone' I harden up
  • I need these things so I can allow myself to feel free to be me
  • I need these things because I struggle so often to let go, and these things seem to be the only way to allow me to do that
  • I need these things, and others may not, and for that I am sorry
  • I need these things because inside, buried behind those walls is someone who really wants to be all those things that you need



  1. I love this post. It is a great reminder that Rome wasn't built in a day- we just gotta keep working on it!

    Thank you.

  2. Oh hi Lea, thanks for swinging by again. This is one of my favourite posts. I remember everything about the day I wrote it.........way back when. LOL



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