Sunday, March 11, 2018

His Growth; My Pain; My Regrowth?

Here we grow again

Little known secret, I am a head case. Okay so maybe that isn't a secret. While I am in the crazy lady way, I am actually referring to living in my head this time. No doubt many of us feel this way about themselves. Most likely this characteristic might be one of the few things that was a catalyst to bringing ttwd into your lives. Albeit, perhaps at the time you didn't know that.

Anyway this week was all over the map here. For those who read my previous post you might have predicted that- as would have I had I just read the post and was not an active participant in it. LOL.

I want to try to explain while still keeping Barney's privacy about his new growth exploration. I apologize in advance if this continues to be confusing. I also apologize in advance about the 'cloak and danger' secrecy stuff. What can I say, it isn't my story to tell. I can however tell my portion of it.

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